We have a flavor for everyone in the group

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Whether you’re hosting friends for a movie night or throwing a holiday bash, we have a flavor for everyone in the group Great Choice for parties, meetings, get togethers. Perfect for meetings or just kicking back with friends.

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361 High Street Morgantown, WV


Perfect for meetings or just kicking back with friends.

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Add a touch of Thai flavors to your event.

Serving Authentic Thai Cuisine at its Finest. The elegant selection of authentic Thai catering menus prepared by our dedicated Thai chefs will style up your event and outline your warm and lush hospitality as a host. Add a touch of Thai flavors to your event.

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361 High Street Morgantown, WV

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Catering FAQ

Does Chaang Thai cater?

Yes we do. Depending on your location, Chaang Thai Catering offers several delicious options that are perfect for any business meeting, event or party—feeding as few as 6 or as many as 200. We have appetizers like chicken satay, Spring rolls that are easy to set up and fried rice/noodles/curry and stir fry dishes. We also have some exotic chef’s specials under signature category like Duck Red/Green curries and Lobster Fried rice. Place orders with our Delivery Partner Thai Catering

How far in advance should I place my catering order?

For party of above 50 people, we ask for 3 days advance notice on all catering spread orders. If you know you want to place your order months in advance, that’s great—we’re happy to place the order as soon as we hear from you.

Do you deliver catering orders?

Yes we do delivery through a third party company called MrDelivery.. Look for Chaang Thai Catering

How much food do I get per person in a catering order?

Our portions for catering spreads are ordered as party trays. One party tray is good for 6-7 people.

How can I place my catering order?

You can order online at or or send us a fax order form from or fill up the order form and fax at 304.241.5635. For delivery, use You can also walk to store and fill up an order form or place the order with an in-house store staff. For custom catering orders or for item which are not part of the standard catering menu, email us at We don’t accept phone orders for catering.

How much time should I plan on to set up my catering order?

Once you get the food home, it takes about 10-15 minutes to set up. If you have a couple people setting up the order, you should be ready to serve your party in 10 minutes.

Do catering orders include beverages?

We don’t currently offer bulk beverage selections, but you can pick up individual drinks at the restaurant.

Do catering orders include dessert?

Chaang Thai currently doesn’t serve any dessert options for catering.

Do I need to supply my own plates, forks, and napkins when I order catering?

Your order will include forks, spoons, chopsticks & napkins. If you need serving spoons and plates, you need to order them extra from the Side Items category.

Can I pay in advance for a catering order?

Yes you can. In fact, pre-payment is preferred/recommended for all online orders.

I want to use Chaang Thai Catering for my wedding, but I want a full service line, complete with servers. Is this something you can do?

We don’t offer full service catering, and we are unable to send a team out to serve the food (although we’d love to be part of your big day). Our catering is simple to set up though, and easy to maintain throughout your event, so you, your friends and family can enjoy the meal without too much hassle.